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Microsoft Dynamics CRM : The Social Curve – Getting More Social with Yammer, MarketingPilot and Netbreeze

November 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Astute CRM - Francis Edwin's Dynamic(s) thoughts


With all said and done, we will have to wait to see those features live in action, until then let’s keep our engines ON. Thank you!



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Dynamics CRM 2011 Cross browser support – Work around

November 14, 2011 1 comment

Latest Update: This workaround is not required now since Dynamics CRM 2011 now supports "Cross Browser" with UR 12

Of late, there is much anticipation from CRM users worldwide for CRM 2011 cross browser support. And the same is expected in the next major release of Dynamics CRM as per the latest statement of direction and the official blogs.

With that being said, I was surfing through the available add-on’s for Google chrome from the chrome web store and luckily I found the IE Tab add-on (for Google Chrome). That was quite striking and immediately I decided to give it a try using CRM 2011 inside chrome [IE Tab] and thankfully it rendered fine and just worked great. Every form in the browser worked great and there were no hindrances. AmazedSmile!

Of course, it cannot equal the native support which is expected from Microsoft but for me it was at least a preview of what we are going to see in the future releases.

More importantly, this will help you win a great deal of customer satisfaction and increase your winning ratio in the pre-sales pitch.

The same is applicable for Mozilla Firefox and IE Tab add-on for Mozilla.

Happy CRM’ing!


Francis Edwin


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