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Microsoft Dynamics CRM : The Social Curve – Getting More Social with Yammer, MarketingPilot and Netbreeze

March 20, 2013 1 comment

The world is completely going social and so do Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There was a time when CRM 1.0 was released, many thought that it was just going to be a record management system with a tight outlook integration but as years pass by and now as the social era evolves it is pretty evident that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has secured a drivers seat in the CRM arena when compared with other CRM players in the market.

Why am I so excited about this?

Well, I’ve been a developer/consultant with MS CRM since its 3.0 days and have clearly evidenced the way it has evolved.

Here was my social thoughts on Microsoft Dynamics CRM which I wrote more than a year ago,

Social CRM: The Technology Enabler

Social CRM: Engaging your Customers 

And not surprisingly there seems to be a fine line and the dots are getting connected one by one and infact, exceeding expectations!

What’s so special now?

I would say, the acquisitions are here to make a difference,

Yammer, MarketingPilot and now Netbreeze. So what’s instore for us with it?

With the acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft has clearly laid out its plans to leverage the power of Enterprise social network solutions. It is said that, Yammer will be incorporated with Microsoft line of business solutions like, CRM, SharePoint, Office 365.

For CRM, it is likely to replace the Activity feeds functionality by adding more bunch of productivity features. Oh yes, you can learn how it works and try out with the steps provided here and also here.

MarketingPilot and Dynamics CRM brings in deep level of marketing automation into the CRM suite with improved analysis, enhanced campaign management and digital asset management and more.


How about Netbreeze?

The acquisition is just announced and it is expected to bring in social listening and analytics in the CRM space with the intent to listen to our customers across social media and news channels so we can monitor customer’s sentiment and analyze trends which will help to take effective actions to drive more sales and develop better consumer insight.

Very importantly, Netbreeze combines modern methods from NLP (Natural language processing), data mining and semantic analysis to support 28 different writing systems and gets it translated to a common language which can analyze sentiments/trends from the customer – This will be a huge+

When are these made available?

While Yammer is already there for CRM Online, Microsoft has confirmed that the MarketingPilot version 15 will be available with the next release code named “Gemini”. The MarketingPilot update will be available to U.S customers by the end of this month and at the end of the year for international customers.

Netbreeze integration is still unknown given the fact, the acquisition is just announced.

What about “Orion”?

Orion (the next second update to Dynamics CRM) will be available late 2013 which will feature local CRM applications for iPads and Windows 8 (Cross Mobile Platform support)

With all said and done, we will have to wait to see those features live in action, until then let’s keep our engines ON. Thank you!





Social CRM : Engaging your customers!

July 3, 2011 3 comments

Customer engagement and collaboration is nowadays seen as a driving force for social CRM success. In this post, we will discuss on how to get the same in practice and getting the potential benefits out of it.

Business owners started investing time and efforts in listening to their customers with the help of social media tools. With that started happening it is also important for companies to start collaborating with the customers in addition to following their customer’s tweet on Twitter and activities on Facebook and Linked-In. It is about proactively reaching to your customers, being interested in them, taking suggestions/feedbacks and work-on them (the next important step towards social success)  – Not so easy for big organizations as we just put-it-in-words, but still outstanding companies needs it all. It doesn’t end there, when you help solving your customers problem, possibly you can identify new opportunities with them. It is said that, business decisions based on customer feedback and insights is really where the value of social CRM comes into picture.

This opens-up the other way as well, customers connecting with each other and share brand information among themselves (Your marketing efforts simplified !). I see this as an opportunity in this competitive business world when your customers speak for your brand.

In this current internet age with the inclusion of social media tools, you can observe that your customers also spend more time online and demand support from online community resources. So it is important for any company to increase their online presence and extend their support through different channels which thereby helps you win and retain customers – Customer Retention – A new philosophy in this era.

Here, the customer is acting at the core of your business. Isn’t this real collaboration??. Isn’t this the real purpose of Social CRM??.

Happy Socializing with CRM!


Francis Edwin

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Social CRM : The Technology Enabler

June 8, 2011 5 comments

The word SOCIAL CRM has gained a lot of interest in me for the last few months and among others and grows in significance.

When we say CRM (Customer Relationship Management), we are talking about a business  strategy influenced by a tool to manage customer relationships effectively.

Now I said EFFECTIVE, when I say that, In all sense that should be it and I believe a social CRM fills the customer experience gap. With CRM being social, we will be able to,

  • Listen what your customers feel. Ex: Hear them tweet.
  • See what your customers are up-to. Ex: Facebook Likes
  • Learn which events your customers are attending and follow them. Ex: Linked-In  events.

All the above will really help you to catch your customer’s nerves and helps you serve/manage them better. Result – Happy customers !

Over the years, CRM systems has evolved to a great extent and at present we are in the xRM era. Now to compliment it more, the evolution of social CRM.

As you can see a lot of companies started using Social Media as a part of their sales and marketing activities. A recent survey from the HBR (Harvard Business Review) says that,

79% of companies are using or planned to use social media and among them 58% currently use and 21% planning to incorporate in their business.

So social media awareness and its significance is growing and would it be the best chance for organizations to incorporate this with their CRM systems which goes one step ahead from managing your customers to ENGAGING them.

B2B companies are using social media to make buying decisions, now it is just a strategy away on how your sales people can get through them – A proper social CRM system, gets you there.


How Social, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is,

Social Networking Accelerator for Dynamics CRM: This accelerator was released for CRM 4.0 and had more than 5000 downloads,

Social Activity Dashboard for Dynamics CRM:

InsideView and Dynamics CRM:

Vibe Social Networking for Dynamics CRM:

and plenty more to come which can make the platform even better and beneficial.

Happy CRM Socializing!


Francis Edwin




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CRM 2011 Social Selling – An Inside-Out Approach to Effective Sales

When there are talks about smart selling techniques, a new way to look at when there is no more much of picking up the phone and making cold calls and generating campaigns for prospective leads and waiting for them to respond – That was the  conventional way of selling and NOW it’s time to getting acquainted to latest selling trend (Social CRM) + (Sales 2.0)

See what is happening with your customers by following them on social networking sites such as, and etc. Simply as following them on twitter and linked-in to get the inside view of what is happening with them and integrate the same with your CRM system. When it comes to implementing the same, the most popular sales intelligence application InsideView brings the best inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM which simply enhances your sales experience.

See what Dynamics CRM can offer coupled with InsideView –

See and try it in the Microsoft Marketplace – 

Watch how it works together here,

Dynamics CRM and InsideView

More details from the original post from Customer Effective blog  –

Hope this will bring a new and enhanced selling experience for the sales folks.




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