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Dynamics CRM 2011 Polaris Update: Changes to the Lead Qualification Process

One of the things i recently noticed in the “Polaris” release of Dynamics CRM 2011 is the change that was made to the “Qualify Lead” process.

The way it should typically work,

When you hit “qualify” from the lead form or from the lead home page grid, it should bring up the below screen


But it does not pop up the above modal dialog after the “Polaris” update and instead, it just creates new Account/Contact and Opportunity records (without an option to choose & based on the data available in the lead). And this is quite unacceptable when you need to associate that lead to an existing Account/Contact record and create the Opportunity.

Updated on 31/07/2013: Related Microsoft KB Article Update:


I see this as a major limitation (hopefully only until “CRM 2013 Orion” release). The primary reason for this could be the inclusion of the new flow UI forms. So while the Dynamics CRM product team addresses this known issue, do we need to live with this?

Perhaps Not!

There is a Work around and here it is from the Zero2Ten blog very neatly written by Guz Gonzalez.

I will make sure to bring some more interesting topics in my next post.



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CRM 2011 IFD : Add new organization and required changes

July 15, 2013 1 comment

Just thought of sharing when i did those. You may have a need to add a new organization to an existing CRM 2011 IFD deployment. From a plain sight, adding an organization is super simple from deployment manager but remember you now have IFD configured. Once you created the organization you may try to browse that – It will give a 404 page not found error.

That is just because,  there are just couple of inclusions/changes need to be done due to the fact that our deployment is now IFD.

Create a new A host record in your DNS for the corresponding newly created organization name.


Update Relying Party Metadata federation metadata


This picks up the new entries from the DNS and does the required changes appropriately.

Clear your browser history and cookies

(No reference image required). – This is not required typically but your IE may still get information from the cache when the page is requested again. Clearing the browsing history and cookies makes it all simple.



ADFS 2.0 Federation Server Configuration: “Existing Website Detected. Therefore, the website was not reinstalled”

July 15, 2013 2 comments

In my case, i encountered this warning when i was in the process of setting up CRM 2011 IFD but it applies for all ADFS 2.0 related developments.

I’m sure most of us do some experiments and research before a complex setting to be made. In a similar manner, i was installing and uninstalling ADFS 2.0. Got this warning when i tried to reconfigure ADFS 2.0 Federation server.


And then the below screen,


The configuration still completes but when you wanted to be sure of why this is happening. It is imperative to find the root cause. The first thing you do is: you will have to make sure that the website directory still exists. You can check that by navigating to typically c:/inetpub to see if you have a folder exist even after uninstalling ADFS 2.0. If it is there, you can manually delete it.

And you may feel that’s all it to make it smooth the next time you install and configure ADFS 2.0 federation server. But in few circumstances it is not. There will be trails of ADFS left in our system, typically in IIS. To ensure a smooth installation next time, you may need to follow the below steps,

Open IIS – > Navigate to the website- > Select “View Applications”


Which will bring up the following screen and we need to select ADFS – > Right click and select “Remove”


Once that is done, in your IIS – > Navigate to Application pools – > Right click on “ADFSAppPool” and select “Remove”.


That’s it – Add done – Perform an “IISRESET” just to ensure the changes gets reflected and start re-installing ADFS 2.0 and configure ADFS 2.0 Federation Server. This time, you will not get the warning and the configuration will have no issues.


Hope this benefits someone who may run into similar issues.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM : The Social Curve – Getting More Social with Yammer, MarketingPilot and Netbreeze

March 20, 2013 1 comment

The world is completely going social and so do Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There was a time when CRM 1.0 was released, many thought that it was just going to be a record management system with a tight outlook integration but as years pass by and now as the social era evolves it is pretty evident that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has secured a drivers seat in the CRM arena when compared with other CRM players in the market.

Why am I so excited about this?

Well, I’ve been a developer/consultant with MS CRM since its 3.0 days and have clearly evidenced the way it has evolved.

Here was my social thoughts on Microsoft Dynamics CRM which I wrote more than a year ago,

Social CRM: The Technology Enabler

Social CRM: Engaging your Customers 

And not surprisingly there seems to be a fine line and the dots are getting connected one by one and infact, exceeding expectations!

What’s so special now?

I would say, the acquisitions are here to make a difference,

Yammer, MarketingPilot and now Netbreeze. So what’s instore for us with it?

With the acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft has clearly laid out its plans to leverage the power of Enterprise social network solutions. It is said that, Yammer will be incorporated with Microsoft line of business solutions like, CRM, SharePoint, Office 365.

For CRM, it is likely to replace the Activity feeds functionality by adding more bunch of productivity features. Oh yes, you can learn how it works and try out with the steps provided here and also here.

MarketingPilot and Dynamics CRM brings in deep level of marketing automation into the CRM suite with improved analysis, enhanced campaign management and digital asset management and more.


How about Netbreeze?

The acquisition is just announced and it is expected to bring in social listening and analytics in the CRM space with the intent to listen to our customers across social media and news channels so we can monitor customer’s sentiment and analyze trends which will help to take effective actions to drive more sales and develop better consumer insight.

Very importantly, Netbreeze combines modern methods from NLP (Natural language processing), data mining and semantic analysis to support 28 different writing systems and gets it translated to a common language which can analyze sentiments/trends from the customer – This will be a huge+

When are these made available?

While Yammer is already there for CRM Online, Microsoft has confirmed that the MarketingPilot version 15 will be available with the next release code named “Gemini”. The MarketingPilot update will be available to U.S customers by the end of this month and at the end of the year for international customers.

Netbreeze integration is still unknown given the fact, the acquisition is just announced.

What about “Orion”?

Orion (the next second update to Dynamics CRM) will be available late 2013 which will feature local CRM applications for iPads and Windows 8 (Cross Mobile Platform support)

With all said and done, we will have to wait to see those features live in action, until then let’s keep our engines ON. Thank you!




My CRM Ranking from

March 19, 2013 2 comments


Hello CRM World,

I’m glad to share my ranking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM from CRM Rockstar. You can check my current standings from my public profile below,

Thank you CRM Rock Star team for the reward!




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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 “Polaris” aka “December Service Update” Features

January 31, 2013 Leave a comment

With the “Polaris” or “December Service update” for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, there are some great enhancements and new functionalities available. Some of my favorite’s are,

  • Cross Browser Support
  • The Flow User Experience (UUX Forms)
  • Auto creation of phone call activities
  • Configurable Sales Process
  • Auto Save (Forms)
  • Posts/Activities/Notes in one place
  • Integrated Bing Maps

Now, let’s look how it will help the developer/user community better.

Cross Browser Support:

A long awaited release which is going to be a definite game changer for Dynamics CRM. Here is the list of supported browser versions,

CRM2011 Browser Support

The Flow User Experience:

This will give the users more of a guided and process centric user experience, the process bar on the top of the page will lead you to a simple and quick way of doing things.


Auto creation of phone call activities:

The system does the job for you, results – increased productivity!.

When you click on the number or a Skype contact, it attempts to make a call from Skype and once it is done, it automatically takes you to the activity windows to enter (only) the description. It also has an option to mark “Left voice mail”.


Configurable Sales Process:

Never before for an end-user but this time we have our own control, the sales process is easily configurable to meet your needs. You can add/edit stages, steps and fields the way you need. This is achieved using the “Process Control Customization Tool”.

Edit Sales Process:


Add/Edit Sales Stages, Steps and Fields:


Auto Save (Forms):

The forms gets saved automatically as work with, the final save is done when the user exits out the window. No more data loss, even when you don’t save.

*Oh yes – Auto Save does not apply when you ignore a required field when creating a new record.

Posts/Activities/Notes in one place:

Saves time!

All at one place for quick navigation and reference.


Integrated Bing Maps:

Your customers can be located easily without leaving CRM. No more custom “Bing Maps API” Integration with Dynamics CRM. It’s all readily available. Available for Lead, Accounts and Contact entities.

Altogether, this “Polaris” update brings-in more enhancements for the growing community needs and has huge market potential.


Francis Edwin

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Microsoft Dynamics #CRM2011 #UR12 Released “Includes Server Bits” –Jan 29 2012

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment

After some delay in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UR 12 “Server Files” It is finally released now and available for download from the following link, Download Files


  • CRM 2011 Update Rollup 6 or later
  • .Net Framework 4.0

Please Note: It is highly recommended to install in your test environment first before moving into your production environment.

Happy Experimenting!


Francis Edwin

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