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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 “Polaris” aka “December Service Update” Features

With the “Polaris” or “December Service update” for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, there are some great enhancements and new functionalities available. Some of my favorite’s are,

  • Cross Browser Support
  • The Flow User Experience (UUX Forms)
  • Auto creation of phone call activities
  • Configurable Sales Process
  • Auto Save (Forms)
  • Posts/Activities/Notes in one place
  • Integrated Bing Maps

Now, let’s look how it will help the developer/user community better.

Cross Browser Support:

A long awaited release which is going to be a definite game changer for Dynamics CRM. Here is the list of supported browser versions,

CRM2011 Browser Support

The Flow User Experience:

This will give the users more of a guided and process centric user experience, the process bar on the top of the page will lead you to a simple and quick way of doing things.


Auto creation of phone call activities:

The system does the job for you, results – increased productivity!.

When you click on the number or a Skype contact, it attempts to make a call from Skype and once it is done, it automatically takes you to the activity windows to enter (only) the description. It also has an option to mark “Left voice mail”.


Configurable Sales Process:

Never before for an end-user but this time we have our own control, the sales process is easily configurable to meet your needs. You can add/edit stages, steps and fields the way you need. This is achieved using the “Process Control Customization Tool”.

Edit Sales Process:


Add/Edit Sales Stages, Steps and Fields:


Auto Save (Forms):

The forms gets saved automatically as work with, the final save is done when the user exits out the window. No more data loss, even when you don’t save.

*Oh yes – Auto Save does not apply when you ignore a required field when creating a new record.

Posts/Activities/Notes in one place:

Saves time!

All at one place for quick navigation and reference.


Integrated Bing Maps:

Your customers can be located easily without leaving CRM. No more custom “Bing Maps API” Integration with Dynamics CRM. It’s all readily available. Available for Lead, Accounts and Contact entities.

Altogether, this “Polaris” update brings-in more enhancements for the growing community needs and has huge market potential.


Francis Edwin

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