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CRM 2011 "unsupported xml core services version" Error : Update Rollup 8 Issue

Recently, one of my customers encountered a strange error when they were trying to access Dynamics CRM 2011 from the web client (Internet Explorer).


Then, we learnt that it happened only after installing CRM 2011 Update Rollup 8 beta, the prior was UR 6 when everything worked fine. We were thinking of uninstalling UR 8 and see if it was just because of that. But before jumping into that conclusion, we thought of finding why XML Parser and XML Core services (MSXML) were not identified by CRM even though it was installed. Eventually after much digging, we found that just by adding your CRM URL to IE Trusted Sites SOLVED THE PROBLEM.

The same problem was posted in the CRM forum and my suggestions helped there.

Later i found that, for some the issue was still persisting even after adding the CRM URL to their IE trusted sites.

It was then pretty evident that the problem was with UR 8 beta itself. So uninstalling UR 8 and switching back to UR 6 worked fine. After installing UR 9 beta directly also worked fine.

And now, we have the latest UR 10 just released.

Happy Experimenting!


Francis Edwin

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