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Social CRM : Engaging your customers!

Customer engagement and collaboration is nowadays seen as a driving force for social CRM success. In this post, we will discuss on how to get the same in practice and getting the potential benefits out of it.

Business owners started investing time and efforts in listening to their customers with the help of social media tools. With that started happening it is also important for companies to start collaborating with the customers in addition to following their customer’s tweet on Twitter and activities on Facebook and Linked-In. It is about proactively reaching to your customers, being interested in them, taking suggestions/feedbacks and work-on them (the next important step towards social success)  – Not so easy for big organizations as we just put-it-in-words, but still outstanding companies needs it all. It doesn’t end there, when you help solving your customers problem, possibly you can identify new opportunities with them. It is said that, business decisions based on customer feedback and insights is really where the value of social CRM comes into picture.

This opens-up the other way as well, customers connecting with each other and share brand information among themselves (Your marketing efforts simplified !). I see this as an opportunity in this competitive business world when your customers speak for your brand.

In this current internet age with the inclusion of social media tools, you can observe that your customers also spend more time online and demand support from online community resources. So it is important for any company to increase their online presence and extend their support through different channels which thereby helps you win and retain customers – Customer Retention – A new philosophy in this era.

Here, the customer is acting at the core of your business. Isn’t this real collaboration??. Isn’t this the real purpose of Social CRM??.

Happy Socializing with CRM!


Francis Edwin

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