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Dynamics CRM 2011 : Statement of Direction – My 2 Cents

With the new statement of direction released for dynamics CRM, many of us in the industry are pretty much excited about the features to be introduced in the upcoming releases and there are lot of hot discussions started happening (let me not keep-on talking about it and share you the download link) – Here you go (Windows Live-ID login required)

My Favorites (By Priority)

Cross Browser Support – What a time it would be to bring in this new (long awaited) feature which (if you ask me ) the most important differentiating  factor which could take dynamics CRM a huge leap ahead from SF.com

Technically this will use HTML 5 for structuring and presenting contents and hopefully no more JavaScript webpage runtime errors.

Social Intelligence – I strongly feel that there will be no more selling (to be more specific S&M – Sales & Marketing ) without social media as you can see the world is moving towards Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In substantially and the potential benefits are seen in a matter-of-time

Micro Blogging – I assume that it is going to be much similar like Twitter with the only difference as the internet sources say that it is going to be an On-Premise offering – Curiously waiting to see what MS has in store for us!

Cross Device Support – While this feature is pretty evident, it could have been fine if we can know the support for specific devices like (IPhone, IPad etc.)

More Importantly, the new release cycles mentioned are a huge+ as there will be no more waiting for 3 years or so, instead it is going to be 2 releases per year. Isn’t it more exciting (that we are going to see new developments very often ). This clearly show Microsoft’s commitment to enhance business productivity for customers through CRM and become the market leader.

My wish list:

Lately Microsoft has acquired Skype, so… What’s In for Dynamics CRM???

We might see Skype integrated with Outlook and further simplify users experience (Just a guess Smile).


Overall, the coming years with Dynamics CRM 2011 is going to be exciting for all of us and appreciate MS for the efforts. A job well done.



Francis Edwin

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