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Working with Teams

Its been quite often for people using dynamics CRM to to unleash trge benefits of using the concepts of TEAMS.

This article brings some insights of exploring some of the benefits.

Teams are best utilized when you have the concept of sharing records within the users. In normal cases we used to share our records with a user, what if we want to share them with many users. Then, the idea of having a team comes handy.

Create a Team, define the members of the team and whenever you want to share records simply share it with the team.Now, the records which you have shared will be available for all the users who are a member of that team.

One important benefit of doing this is, whenever a new employee joins the organization, as soon as we add that user in that team, all the records will be automatically shared and granted acwhich the members of the team already have. Sounds intresting right!!!.

Apparently, a user can be a member of several teams.

One stopping point is, a team once created can never be deleted.

Happy Teaming…

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